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metal roof painting of a historic home on South St in Frederick, City using high preformance 2 part urethane  

Residential and Commercial Services

Yes, we can properly prepare and coat your metal roof to ensure a long lasting, good looking finish.

We use high performance paints specifically made for metal roof.

Longer lasting sheen

Longer lasting color

No roof is to big or to small.

Homes, commercial properties and farm

metal roof cleaning & painting, no roof is to high or out of reach, coated with a single component coating
This massive barn roof is over 100 feet long as was not maintained for over 15 years. We cleaned the old paint off, treated the surface rust and applied a high performance urethane coating which will last the owners about 9 years before they need to repaint.  

Our employees are trained to properly and safely prepare the roof for painting and to properly coat you roof.

Safety is our number one concern on any project especially roofs.

Metal roofs should not be coated with regular paint and depending on what the roof was previously painted with and the condition of the roof can determine what coating, should be applied to ensure a long lasting finish.

Our years of successful experience in roof coating has helped us to become the areas leader in roof evaluations, preparation and coatings.

We guarantee all of our roof coating for a minimum of two (2) years.




Ware houses

Steel building



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